From the Bottom to the Top – A Technical and Managerial Career in Laboratory Animal Science in USA: A Personal Experience and some Career Advice

  • Ulla Kristina Stephens Lakeland Court, Athens, Georgia


There are many options for a technical and managerial laboratory animal science career in the USA, and  the career path taken by Mrs. U. Kristina Stephens in laboratory animal science and management from 1960  through 2003 are explored in some detail. Mrs. Stephens outlines her career through the many challenges  and opportunities that entered her path which offered additional education and management techniques.  Important building blocks for an animal science and management career are evaluated such as: Working with  different animal species; Personal attitude and goal setting; Formal and Informal education possibilities;  USA Certification levels; Building of a resume; Technical aptitude and knowledge; and People skills. Career  paths taken by several successful individuals living in USA point to the diversity of possibilities.